at onyx our artists have easy access to professional on-site treatment. we believe in teaching dancers how they can manage injuries and achieve optimal physical health.

fixmi fixmi
tim gale
kevin woods

fixmi first
60-min osteopathy
first assessment

fixmi follow-up
40-min osteopathy


30 min
sports massage

60 min
sports massage

90 min
& massage


tim gale is a registered osteopath and graduate from the university college of osteopathy. highly recommended by the professional dance community in london, tim is an open-minded, holistic, and patient practitioner involved in promoting health and self-management. He specialises in treating performing artists from many backgrounds.

kevin woods is a registered osteopath and also a graduate from the university college of osteopathy. he is a kind-hearted certified pilates instructor who has also recovered from occupational injuries himself, giving him a broad and effective approach to getting his patients up and running in the shortest amount of time.

fixmi please.

fixmi works with you to evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, hobbies, occupation, and personality in order to create the best individual treatment plan for long-term health improvement.

tim & kevin treat:

● joint & ligament pain ● sprains & instability
● muscle & tendon pain ● stiffness & injury
● nerve entrapment & inflammation ● repetitive & overuse injury
● headaches ● spinal pain/injury
● shoulder/neck/wrist pain ●inflammation
● knee & hip problems ● ankle & foot problems
● chronic dance/sport injury ● sciatica & localised pain

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